Hair on my Penis

It took me awhile to be willing to write about the hair on my penis, but given that I found a pain free way to get rid of it, I finally decided to share.

Before I found the answer to my problem I tried: shaving, waxing, and fancy trimmers.  If you have not tried any of these methods, DON’T.  I can tell you from experience that these are all a really bad idea.  Between the scratches, nicks and out right irritation, these are not the solution to a hairy penis.

If you must shave, here are some tips:

Shave in the shower. This allows you to add soap as lubricant for your razor.  Trust me on this one, you want lubricant so the razor glides over the shaft.

Use a razor that flexes.  The head of the razor needs to flex to follow the contour of your shaft.  This is especially important as you have to change direction near your testicles.

Bring something to sit on in the shower.  I know this sounds odd, but trust me you don’t want to slip while you are doing this.

Last, but not least, you absolutely need to be erect when you are doing this.  When you are erect, the folds on the penis smooth out so there aren’t flaps of skin waiting to be caught by the razor.  If you don’t follow any of my other advice, I strongly recommend that you do this one thing.

Hairy Penis Trimmer

Recommended Hair Trimmer to Use

If you plan on using a trimmer for this, do not use a beard trimmer.  Again I know from experience that this is a really bad idea.  Instead use nose hair trimmers or ear hair trimmers.  These are designed to remove the hair without grabbing the skin or plucking the hair.  Again, grabbing skin or plucking hair is not such a good idea.

When using the trimmer I still recommend sitting in the shower.  Do not turn the water on, just sit on something.

Again here you really want the penis to be erect for the same reason.  This minimizes the chance that the trimmer will get stuck where you don’t want it to.  Use the trimmer by going against the grain on the shaft.  Because these trimmers do not pluck or grab skin, you can go against the grain as long as you do it slowly.  And trust me, slowly is the key here.

You can even use these trimmers to remove the hair on your testicles.  However, even more care is needed hear because the testicles tend to have more wrinkles.  When using the trimmer on the testicles, smooth out the wrinkles and use the trimmer between the smoothed out area.  This reduces the risk of snagging on skin.

So now we come to my least favorite, Waxing.  If you’ve ever had anything waxed you know this is a painful experience.  The person doing the waxing applies hot wax to your shaft.  I really should not have to describe anything after this to convince you that this is a bad idea.  However for those brave souls who must know, the wax is then allowed to cool.  On the other side of the wax is a trip of cloth.  That strip is ripped, that’s right, ripped off of your body.  The wax comes with it as does the hair and usually a scream.

So what should we do.  The only reasonable answer is to apply a hair removal cream.  However, you don’t want just a hair removal cream, you want one that retards the future growth of the hair.  This is the key.  Just be careful not to put the cream where you do want hair.  Once this stuff removes the hair, it won;t come back the way it used to.  And over time it won’t come back at all.  So be very careful where you use this.

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